If you want to request Telepsychology/Online Video therapy treatment sessions from “The Psychology Center, Inc” here are some important things you will want to know. You can choose treatment by:

  • Emails
  • Texting
  • Telephone calls
  • Online video sessions

Any of these options may be more convenient for you in case of delays getting to the office, bad weather, illness, no transportation, etc. You will want to discuss directly with your doctor which options they can offer you, and how often-  and you can still have in-office appointments too whenever you choose. Insurance reimbursement MAY be available for these professional services, but if not, you will be responsible for Doctor’s charges which may vary depending on professional time spent.

In the case of  Online Video Conferencing for your treatment sessions you can choose:

  • 30-minute sessions
  • 45-minute sessions
  • 55-minute sessions

Your usual copay – already determined by your insurance plan – will apply and a CREDIT CARD account can be established on your behalf to cover these charges.

You will be given a LINK or PORTAL to access ahead of time to make and secure your video appointment.  The Doctor will be waiting for you and a User ID and Password will be determined by you ahead of time

Again, you have a choice of using:

  • Your desktop  computer
  • Your  laptop
  • Your  tablet
  • Your  smartphone

The video connection will be secure and HIPAA compliant. However, your privacy cannot be guaranteed using the other telepsychology methods except video. We cannot be responsible for technical problems that may occur or delay your online session.

You will need to complete certain INTAKE PAPERS to participate in the Telepsychology program, including:

  • Agreement for services
  • Release of information
  • New patient information form
  • Client background form

to begin the program, BUT if you are already a client at The Psychology Center, Inc (or were recently) you will probably have already done this paperwork.  If interested, your first step will be to discuss the Telepsychology options with your current  IN-OFFICE STAFF person.

We invite your participation and feedback on    

             how we can improve this new program for you.