Medication Evaluations

If you are requesting medication evaluations through The Psychology Center Inc. here are some important things for you to know:

  • You can request NEW medications or REFILLS of your current medications in our program.
  • You will be required (by your ins co) to pay any copays or deductibles used by your insurance plan regardless of the insurance plan you are using.
  • Otherwise, your insurance plan benefits will be applied toward all other costs but NOTE that there is no guarantee of coverage and these additional expenses would then remain your responsibility
  • However, for comparison, you may want to consider the cost in time, money, and frustration in waiting for an appointment if you go thru your insurance plan or current medical prescriber- IF you can even get an appointment!
  • Our unique approach to getting your prescription needs filled MORE CONVENIENTLY gives you


  • Visit the Doctor’s office for a traditional in-person OFFICE appointment
  • Use of your own Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to access our prescriber FOR AN ONLINE APPOINTMENT that offers a TELEPHONE (only) or VIDEO consultation right on your phone, etc. This way you can discuss your medication at any time and whenever it is convenient for you to do so – even from home if you wish to. (For those who do not wish to use online video, your appointment may also be done by TELEPHONE).
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Expert medication evaluations can be provided by the following licensed prescriber thru The Psychology Center.

Dr. Maria Walker, DNP for IN PERSON appointments at her own Clinical Office located near us at:

10448 S Pulaski Unit #3
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

tel: 773-680-7296
Office hours by appt Mon-Fri

For priority scheduling, when you contact the above Doctor be sure to mention that you heard about them thru The Psychology Center, Inc. Please allow up to 45 mins for your first online appt, and probably 15 mins for most subsequent online appts.

If you choose an online appt, the Doctor will be waiting for you and you can connect with her (and SEE HER) and discuss your need for medication, your progress, any side-effects from current meds, possible wish to taper off some of your meds, etc. She will then provide an EScript to your pharmacy for your approved medications. Doctor may also arrange for you to get lab results or a blood test, etc. At this time you may want to reserve your next online appt ahead of time.

While in our MEDICATION PROGRAM you must agree to remain in office treatment with one of our IN-OFFICE STAFF for a MINIMUM of 10 sessions in a 12 month period to continue to address any symptoms and treatment goals while on medication, or to help you reduce or phase out meds if that is your preference. This will generally be the same staff person who “sponsored” or recommended you for the meds evaluation. If you are interested, your first step will be to discuss the plan with your current IN-OFFICE STAFF person.