Client Intake Forms

Client Intake Forms


(can be completed ahead of time for your convenience)

Are available on the Patient Portal that will be emailed to you prior to your first appointment by your Doctor or Provider. You can complete and submit everything by encrypted email.

SO ONCE YOU HAVE SET YOUR FIRST APPT WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR PROVIDER, we will email a Welcome Letter to you with the subject “The Psychology Center, Inc welcomes you to your new Patient Portal”. This will have a link and your User Name (your email address) and a Temporary Password WHICH YOU SHOULD RESET IMMEDIATELY to a Password easy for you to remember.

Now you have your private Patient Portal as a quick and confidential way to communicate with us and for us to communicate directly with you.


To reduce your costs as much as possible, it is very important that you bring your insurance plan ID card(s) with you for us to enlarge and photocopy (both sides), OR you can email them to us ahead of time thru your Patient Portal to help us determine your coverage benefits, co-pays, etc. (Enlarge and photocopy both sides so the information comes out clearly). If your insurance plan sent you a letter or treatment authorization form, bring that with you too for us to copy, or you can email that too thru your Patient Portal.