Aya Jabra, Doctoral Candidate

Ms Aya Jabra, M.S. is a Doctoral student in clinical psychology at Walden University and has had clinical experience both in private practice and in hospital and school settings, including Westbank, Palestine.

She says, “ I have been given the opportunity to serve individuals from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs in a variety of clinical settings, and enjoy working with individuals of all ages, gender, races, and ethnicities. I strongly believe in the power of communication and the effectiveness of listening. My areas of interest include depression, anxiety, coping strategies, family and couples therapy, as well as life transitions, and thriving after trauma.

Some of my personal interests and hobbies include, photography, puzzles, traveling, experiencing the new, and spending time with my family and friends! I am bilingual and speak both English and Arabic fluently. نتكلم العربية

Email: Aya.Jabra@Waldenu.edu

Phone: 708-320-9050