Rates & Insurance

Rates & Insurance

(For in office or telepsych video visits)


Friendly attitude and helpful support of our staff                               FREE
Requests for information – by telephone or by mail or online          FREE
Setting appointments and confirmation of insurance coverage       FREE

Initial diagnostic consultation – includes:
a FREE written treatment plan for your approval
a FREE insurance billing set-up
a FREE written insurance benefits summary
and FREE use of our “self-help” tape library on many topics

FULL STANDARD RATES for Individual, Marital, or Family Treatment:
(This is the amount you would pay without insurance benefits being used)

Initial diagnostic session $250
Therapy sessions, up to 30 minutes $100
Therapy sessions, up to 45 minutes $150
Therapy sessions, up to 55 minutes $200
Marital or Family Sessions $200
Any Saturday or Sunday Sessions or

Weekday Appointments beginning after 5pm $200

Extended therapy sessions, up to 90 minutes $250
Personality and Psychological testing Varies
Medication, Bariatric, and Disability Evaluations Varies

IMPORTANT: Want to reduce your costs? Your share of all the above costs for psychological services are likely to be REDUCED considerably by your health insurance benefits. For example, many of our clients pay less than $30 per session as their “co-payment” or “co-insurance” after insurance, and after their annual deductible amount has been met. Some have no copay at all depending on your ins plan. We will be happy to determine this information for you ahead of time- just send or give us a copy of both sides (ENLARGED) of your insurance ID card (s).


Depending on your current health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for services to be covered in full or in part.

The Psychology Center, Inc is in-network with just about every health insurance plan there is, so we will work with your plan to get you the lowest cost possible for your visits. Most clients pay LESS THAN $30 co-pay per visit, but this may vary according to the plan you or your employer have selected. Your co-payments should be made at each session by “Auto-Pay” – your credit card on file.

NOTE: Even though your referral or authorization may mention Dr Davenport’s name, your insurance benefits may still be covered and you can see which ever staff person at The Psychology Center you prefer, or who has an open appointment for you. Since Dr. Davenport’s schedule fills up quickly, he will offer to recommend an appropriate staff person under his supervision who is available to work with you and can contact you right away…..


Credit Card on file is MANDATORY for ALL clients!


How do you wish to pay for your treatment ?

You have 3 choices:
We can bill any eligible health insurance plan for you which our office accepts but your share of insurance plan copays or deductibles can NOT be paid in cash or check –  ONLY by credit card)
You can only use automatic credit card payments.
3 OR you can try to outrun our GUARD DOG (or our receptionist who is even more vicious…)

Please note WE do not determine whether your health insurance plan has a copay or deductible and what amounts those should be – that decision is made by your employer or the insurance company themselves. But we are legally obligated to collect them under the insurance contract you have agreed to.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 48 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged up to the full rate of the session.

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