"The greatest need of the human heart is to be understood..."

Clinical Psychology Marital and Family Therapy Medication Evaluations Personal Problem Solving

Important Guidelines we follow:

“The job of a good therapist is to work themselves out of a job.”

“A good psychologist doesn’t tell people how to live…
he asks how a person wants to live and then helps them get there”

“Psychology or therapy is not just for problems….it is also for reaching goals, realizing dreams, learning new skills, and enjoying relationships”

“Therapy is not necessarily a “journey”. It may be more of a “let’s pull off to the side of the road and figure out what’s happening.”

“Change is not the result of a feeling; it is a decision”

“Never forbid reality”

Quotes from DR JAMES DAVENPORT, Administrative Director –

The Psychology Center, Inc.,
“Where people come first!”sm

(office hours and clinical staff available 7 days a week but by appointment only)

NEW !! TELEPHONE THERAPY and ONLINE VIDEO SESSIONS are now available on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can choose a 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute session. Just tell us when you would prefer to schedule your “TELEPSYCHOLOGY” sessions!

Our Office



Can YOU benefit from a Consultation at “The Psychology Center, Inc.?

Are you currently dealing with:

  • Seeking a relationship or getting over one?
  • Dissatisfaction with a relationship?
  • Not currently functioning as well as you usually do?
  • Dissatisfaction or stress at work?
  • Experiencing sadness or loneliness for too long?
  • Facing a decision to marry or divorce?
  • Struggling with addictive habits or feel your life is out of control?
  • Life goals not clear or not being met?
  • Changes in yourself or a family member that you don’t know how to handle?
  • Dealing with a loss or an unexpected emotional setback?

Each of the above problems (or any situation similar to these) is a good reason why many people decide to schedule an appointment with our professional staff.


Office Hours:
8am to 9pm SEVEN days a week – including Sundays! (for the convenience of especially busy people or families)

Spanish, Greek, Armenian, and Russian speaking therapists sometimes available

We are a “Marriage Friendly” office

Map to our Western Ave location.

Rates & Insurance

Contact Information
Email: PsyCenter4@aol.com
General Office Telephone (24 hours) 
773-238-2828. (Do not text)
Confidential FAX
Our Clinical Office is located at:
The Psychology Center, Inc
10343 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60643-2410
(near 103rd Street) – free parking
Mailing address (correspondence only)
The Psychology Center, Inc
10713 W Doric Circle, Palos Hills, IL 60465-2220

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