Dr Zummuna “Mona” Davis, PhD.

Dr. Davis (“Dr. Z”) recently completed her Ph.D. in General Psychology at Walden University. She completed a BA in General Psychology from Chicago State University, and an MS in General Psychology from Capella University. She has a strong interest in grief recovery and treatments for substance abusers and has written a self-help book, titled “How do you know if your child is on drugs?”. She has been a very active teacher since 2005. She has worked in multiple faculty positions as an Associate Professor, a Course Writer, and as a Course Designer. 

Dr. Davis has one child and says, “Having a child has changed my  life for the better.”  For personal time she enjoys fishing (some might say too much) and usually takes several fishing trips throughout the year. Overall, she tries her best to enjoy life as much as she can and tries to help her clients do the same.

Email:  msmdzd@sbcglobal.net

Tel:  773/610-0069